Lee Taylor

Lee Taylor
  • Electrical Engineering

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Lee Taylor is a 2021-2025 Self Graduate Fellow pursuing a Ph.D. in electrical engineering at the University of Kansas. He holds a B.S. in electrical engineering. His doctoral research is focused on development and design of radar systems and signal processing algorithms for remote sensing of the Cryosphere from airborne and spaceborne platforms. This research is part of ongoing projects at CReSIS (the Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets). During his undergrad, he co-led student nano-satellite development group, KUbeSat, as Vice President and currently leads the Power design team. Lee is interested in engineering, physics, and entrepreneurship. He hopes to pursue a career that allows for the application of emerging theories towards world-facing technical challenges such as interplanetary habitation and global warming.

Mentor: Carl Leuschen, Ph.D., Director of CReSIS, Distinguished Professor, School of Engineering