Society of Self Fellows

board of governors

The Society of Self Fellows (SSF) serves as the alumni network for the Self Graduate Fellowship. The Society encourages continued participation by Self Graduate Fellows throughout their professional careers. Society members have the continued opportunity to engage with the Self Graduate Fellowship through the annual symposium, society newsletter, recruitment, networking, and mentoring. Currently, there are 195 members of the society. Of the 195 members, 177 are lifetime members. Those who have completed the requirements for their Ph.D. degree are lifetime members with voting rights.

The Society of Self Fellows is governed by a Board of Governors. To serve on the Board of Governors, alumni must have completed their Ph.D.

For more information on the impressive work of our alumni and "where they are now," take a look at the Society of Self Fellows Profile page.

Society of Self Fellows Board of Governors 

The Society of Self Fellows is governed by alumni leaders called the Board of Governors. The board includes four elected governors, one of which resides within 60 miles of the KU Lawrence campus. Elected governors serve staggered four-year terms with annual elections happening each spring. In the final year of their term, Governors serve as president of the board. Governors plan engagement opportunities for the full Society such as virtual poster sessions or book discussion groups and coordinate ways for the Society to interact directly with the current Fellows through mentorship and career advice. The Board meets in person annually at the SGF Symposium. 

Current SSF Board of Governors:

2020-2024: Angela Pierce, Ph.D. (Neuroscience, 2011-2015 Fellow, Current President)

2021-2025: Nikki Johnson, Ph.D. (Bioengineering, 2011-2015 Fellow)

2022-2026: Ted Harris, Ph.D. (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 2013-2017 Fellow)

2023-2027: Molly McVey, Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering, 2006-2010 Fellow)

2024-2028: Cassidy Krause, Ph.D. (Mathematics, 2015-2019 Fellow)

Previous SSF Governors 

2018-2022: Mary Krause, Ph.D. (Chemistry, 2005-2009 Fellow)

2019-2022: Kyle Wetzel, Ph.D. (Aerospace Engineering, 1994-1995 Fellow)

2017-2020: Mark Bailey, Ph.D. (Bioengineering, 2006-2010 Fellow)

2016-2019: Heather York, Ph.D. (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, 2001-2005 Fellow)

2015-2018: Charles Svoboda, Ph.D. (Aerospace Engineering, 1998-2002 Fellow)

2014-2017:  Laura Peek, Ph.D. (Pharmaceutical Chemistry, 2002-2006 Fellow)

2013-2016: Carla Berg, Ph.D. (Psychology, 2001-2005 Fellow)

2012-2015: Sarah Smiley, Ph.D. (Geography, 2001-2005 Fellow)

2011-2014: Lon Mitchell, Ph.D. (Mathematics, 2000-2004 Fellow)

2010-2013: Jennifer Golden, Ph.D. (Medicinal Chemistry, 1996-2000 Fellow)

2009-2012: Karyl Leggio, Ph.D. (Business, 1995-1998 Fellow)

2008-2011: Lisa Castle, Ph.D. (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, 2000-2004 Fellow)

2007-2010: Adam Powell, Ph.D. (Psychology, 1999-2003 Fellow)

2006-2009: Dan Hoyt, Ph.D. (English, 2000-2004 Fellow)