Self Memorial Scholarship

SMS 2023

What is the Self Memorial Scholarship?

  • $10,000 scholarship applied to tuition and fees

  • $1,000 professional development award

  • Leadership and career development training

  • Interdisciplinary cohort of graduate students

The Madison and Lila Self Memorial Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship that recognizes outstanding seniors from the University of Kansas who will be transitioning into their first year of a master’s or doctoral degree program at KU in the fall semester. This scholarship award provides each recipient with $10,000 for their first year, with half payable to the student at the beginning of the first semester of enrollment in the graduate program (fall/$5,000), and half payable at the beginning of the second semester of enrollment (spring/$5,000). In addition to funding, Self Memorial Scholars have access to a $1,000 professional development award and participation in a Scholar Development Program to orient scholars and enhance their vision of potential professional careers.

Who are the Scholars?

Self Memorial Scholars have demonstrated success as undergraduate students and potential for success in graduate education. Self Memorial Scholars are selected because they have shown achievement in leadership and scholarship and possess the ability to envision and attain goals that require exceptional energy and tenacity.