Self Graduate Fellowship


What is the Self Graduate Fellowship?

The Madison and Lila Self Graduate Fellowship at the University of Kansas is a community of doctoral student leaders who have been nominated and selected to receive four years of financial and professional development support. The Self Graduate Fellowship is a merit-based program made up of doctoral students from 22 eligible academic fields. It is a unique opportunity for doctoral students at KU to fund their education and acquire valuable leadership training for their future careers. Throughout their time as a fellow, students receive funding that covers their tuition, fees, graduate research assistantship (GRA), and the employer's portion of student health insurance. In order to prepare students for their future leadership roles, fellows are active participants in the professional development program - attending professional development workshops, communication coaching, luncheons, and guest lectures that are provided to them through the Self Graduate Fellowship. Each student is also awarded a set amount of funding to allow them the freedom to pursue other professional development opportunities, such as conference attendance and certificates.

Who are the Fellows?

Self Graduate Fellows are some of the top doctoral student researchers at KU. Students who are selected to join the fellowship have demonstrated that they have the skills, initiative, career goals, and passion to make a difference in the future of their field, and society as a whole. Learn about student eligibility and how to be nominated for the fellowship by visiting our Fellow Eligibility page.

Profile of a Self Graduate Fellow

Self Graduate Fellows are selected for their vision, career goals, and achievements. They are able to set and attain goals, show leadership potential and motivation, and possess a strong work ethic. Self Graduate Fellows demonstrate initiative, passion for achievement and lifelong learning, and make a commitment to participate in the Fellow Development Program.

2024-2025 Award

Self Graduate Fellows for 2025-2025 will receive annual support of $34,850 for four years. Payment is through an appointment as a graduate research assistant. The fellowship covers tuition, fees, and the employer's share of student health insurance costs. Over the four years, fellows have access to a $5,500 professional development award, a $5,000 start-up award (year 1), and a $1,000 textbook and technology award (year 2,3,4). All fellows actively participate in the Fellow Development Program. The total value of the four-year doctoral fellowship exceeds $200,000. The 41 current Self Graduate Fellows are among 224 students who have benefited from the fellowship since it was established in 1989.