William Hauser

  • Neuroscience

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Will Hauser is a 2023-2027 Self Graduate Fellow pursuing a Ph.D. in Neuroscience at the University of Kansas Medical Center. He graduated from the University of Kansas in May 2021 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Neuroscience. During his undergraduate studies, he served as an undergraduate research assistant studying social loss and pair bond formation using a prairie vole model. He also contributed to a major research project at KU Medical Center aiming to understand the role of the MMP13 protein in colitis formation and the onset of colorectal cancer. He served as a research technician for a year following graduation in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology at KU where he studied mechanisms of natural forgetting in Alzheimer's Disease. Here, he also contributed to a major research project showing that an excitation-inhibition imbalance in cortical synapses disrupts visual familiarity in amyloid and non-pathology conditions. Currently, his research interests revolve around Intraepidermal Nerve Fiber Loss in Peripheral Neuropathy and the associated inflammatory pathways and signaling. His long-term goal is to facilitate a more effective way to bridge the gap between science and modern medicine.

Mentor: Doug E. Wright, Ph.D., Professor, Anesthesiology, Pain and Perioperative Medicine