Yezan Salamoun

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry

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Yezan Salamoun is a 2023-2027 Self Graduate Fellow, pursuing a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical chemistry at the University of Kansas. Residing in Overland Park, KS, Yezan's academic journey began with a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2021, followed by the completion of a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2023. Yezan's short-term goals revolve around the development of a novel prodrug into a preclinical pharmaceutical product, which he aims to accomplish during his tenure as a Ph.D. candidate at the university. With a strong foundation in pharmaceutical chemistry, he aspires to make significant contributions to the field by leading an academic research group focused on the development of innovative therapeutics and formulations that will advance human health.

Prior to his current pursuits, Yezan conducted noteworthy research in two distinct areas. His work involved studying the stability of Nitroglycerin, which aimed to develop novel packaging solutions for hospital pharmacies. Additionally, he conducted metabolomic studies with the objective of identifying a therapeutic biomarker for the anti-rheumatic drug methotrexate. These research experiences have enhanced his understanding of the complexities within the pharmaceutical field and equipped him with valuable skills for future endeavors. Beyond his academic and research pursuits, Yezan is the proud owner of PRIMAL POWER, a supplement company dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles and disseminating health and fitness information. 

Mentor: Dr. Michael Hageman, Valentino J. Stella Distinguished Professor School of Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Chemistry